The goal of the MURI-CAOP program is to provide a breakthrough in understanding of the light harvesting, charge generation, and charge recombination mechanisms in organic solar cells so that they can achieve their thermodynamic expectations. The program consolidates and makes tight connections between emerging theoretical methodologies, state-of-the-art ultrafast spectroscopies, morphological characterizations across multiple length scales, molecular and polymer design, and device physics. The team brings together renowned experts from major organic electronics centers at GaTech, UCSB, Stanford and Cambridge.

We will explore the role of the energetic driving force for electron transfer, molecular packing at the interface, degree of crystallinity in both semiconductors, delocalization of wave functions, nanoscale charge-carrier mobility, presence or not of an energy cascade between pure donor or acceptor regions and mixed regions, energetic disorder, interfacial dipoles, and dielectric constant.

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